F-51 Mustang

F-51D Pilots of 178th FS, 119th Fighter Wing, North Dakota ANG


‘Some Guy’ RF-51 Mustang Pilot 2/Lt. Gary Sparks of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea, 1953

Gary Sparks45th tfs

F-51 Pilot Captain Aubuchon, 23rd August 1952

188th Fighter Interceptor Squadron F-51, Long Beach, California, September 1951

“Shady Lady II” 40th FS F-51 Pilot Capt. K.K. ? , Johnson AFB, Japan, 1949

Jet Research Test Pilot Herbert Henry Hoover, December 1948

Capt. Hannibal M. “Killer” Cox F-51 Pilot, former Tuskegee Airmen , 39th FIS, Korea 1951

F-51 “Pretty Maggie” with Pilot 2nd Lt. Budesa of 40th FS, Johnson AFB, Japan, 1949

F-51 Mustang land at Seoul Air Base Korea, 1951

F-51 Mustang, Californian Air National Guard, April 1949

100 Missions Completed for 2/Lt Dell C Toedt of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea 1952

RF-51 ‘OH-KAYE BABY’, 2/Lt Dell C Toedt of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea 1952

Ernie Wakehouse, John Taylor, Rock Brett & Fred Rockmaker 39th FIS Korea, 1951

Lt. Col. Thomas A Hudson Jr Congratulates 45th Tac Recon Sqdn Pilot’s 100th Mission

Republic of China, (ROCAF) F-51 Mustangs Formosa, January 1951

RF-51 ‘Little Lynn’ of 45th Tac Recon Squadron, Kimpo, Korea 1952

18th FBW, F-51 Pilot Celebrates 100 missions, Korea, 1950

“Chuggin Charlie” 1st Lt Walter H. Burke Stockton of 67th FBS 18th FBW, Korea, 1950

18th FBG, 12th FBS Korean War F-51 Pilots, 1950

“Shirley Mae” 1st Lieutenant John ?, 67th FBS, 18 FBW, Korea, 1950-52

P-51 ‘Saucy Sarah’, China Civil War Pilots, 1947

“1$ Mustangs” Ex Texas ANG, F-51 sent to Costa Rican Civil War, 19th January 1955

119th Fighter Wing Pilots of North Dakota ANG and F-51D, 1953

Korean F-51 Mustang Pilots Training, 1952


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