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Astronaut Leroy G. Cooper flying F-102 jet plane for flight practice.

Strategic Air Command and United States Air Force B-36 Crew

Col John C. Meyer, 1951 (Part 2)

Ace Colonel James Jabara, 1951 (Part 2)

B-52 “All Star” Major Winston Moore Crew 8 1/2 hr mission, 1958

TAIL GUNNER, M/Sgt. Raymond Finkelstein is responsible for checking the outboard engines, which the pilot cannot see, and watching for enemy fighters.

Boeing SB-29

B-29 Rescue, 1949

Jim Wright in a B-58


Jim Wright, wearing full face-mask and gear, waves from the cockpit in a Convair B-58 airplane.

Flight crew of a B-36F plane No. 109, 1952

Flight crew of a B-36F plane No. 109, posing in front of the plane’s nose in their pressurized suits and helmets in November 1952. Front (L-R): G.L. Whiting, B.L. Woods, I.G. Hanten, and R.L. D’Abadie. Back (L-R):A.S. Witchell, J.D. McEachern, J.G. Parker and R. D. Norvell.

F-84E Tacking off from Hwy, Texas 1950