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Jackie Cochran and Col. Chuck Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1962

Col. Dante Memolo and Brig. Gen. Charles Sweeney with F-86H of 102nd TFW

C-47 Pilot Major Charles P. Barnett, Vietnam, March 1962

NACA Test Pilot George E. Cooper with North American F-100 Super Sabre

Lt. Col. Dona Joseph LaCouture Jr. of 89th FBW with Lockheed F-80, Hanscom AFB

Major Harry Evans Republic F-84 Pilot, Skyblazers USAF Display Team, 1952

77th Fighter Bomber Squadron Pilot with Cessna T-37A at Test Pilot School, 1950’s

F-104 Starfighter Pilot of 337th Fighter Interceptor Squadron ‘Falcons’, 1958

4th Fighter Wing, 336th TFS ‘Rocketeers’ F-100 Pilots, Seymour Johnson AFB, 1959

Major Richardson (Chief of Physiology Lab) and Yeager with Lockheed NF-104, 1963

X-1 with Pilots Robert Champine and Herb Hoover, 1st September 1949

Captain Phil Neale at Test Pilot School, Edwards AFB, 1959

Wing Commander Col. Robert W. Stephens F-100 Pilot, 31st TFW at George AFB, 1959

USAF Pilot with Unusual Transport!, Germany 1953

Albert Turner & Co Inc. Flight Suit TYPE K-2B SPEC. MIL S-6265C, 1958

Capt. Pat Kramer F-100 Pilot, Skyblazers USAF Display Team, 1961

Lt.Col. Yeager and Capt. Louis Batson, 1st Fighter Day Squadron, 13th December 1958

RB-47H Crew E-57, of 343 SRS ELINT Squadron, 55 SRW, Forbes Air Force Base

Skyline Clothing Corporation Type L-2b, SPEC. MIL-J-7448C, 1957