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B-36 Pilots and Crew, 1949

NACA Test Pilot Pilot George Cooper with F-80, 1949

Test Pilot C. Boyer with B-57, 1967

Jet Engine Noise Level Tests

Astronauts David R. Scott (32nd TFS), Sernan and Chaffee, Training in Iceland, 1965

SAC Air Sea Rescue Training, 72nd Bomb Wing, late 1950′s (Part 2)

3553rd PTS Pilots, 67-E Class, Big Thunder Airbase Homerville, GA, 1967

4th FW, 335th Fighter Sqadron F-86 Pilot, Captain Bruce Cunningham, Korea 1951

NACA F-86 with Pilot Robert C Innis, ‘Ames 3000th Jet Aircraft Flight’, Oct 1956

NASA B-57 Solar Cell Test with Henry Brandhorst, July 1964

NASA Astronauts, Apollo 7 Team Life Support Training, Panama 1968

NACA Test Pilot Pilot George Cooper with F-86, 1957

Capt. John B.Roach of 89th FBW with Lockheed F-80, Hanscom AFB

NASA Research Pilot Milt Thompson with a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Dec 20th 1962

513th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Pilots, Phalsbourg-Bourscheid AB, 1958

Ed Wells F-100 pilot of 4517th Combat Crew Training Squadron

Capt. Douglas ‘The Count’ Edgar with F-101 Voodoo, 1960’s

Capt. Vince C. Hartnett F-102A Delta Dagger Pilot of 498th FIS “Geiger Tigers”, 1958