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‘Reddy Kilowatt’ B-58 on Apil 25th 1960

Ground Crew Inspecting B-58 Prior to Take-Off, April 5th 1962

‘Window Cleaning’ KC-97 Stratotanker, 44th Air Refueling Squadron

B-58 Test Pilots J. Armstrong, Maj. F. Fulton, Maj. C. Garrington and E. Dunlap, 1958

B-29 Rear Gunner A/2C Kenneth W. Roberts 98th Bomb Wing, Japan 1953

B-58 Flight Crew Preparing for Bendix Trophy Run, March 5th 1962

Lt. Robert Gale Mayberry

1st Lt. Carl L. Hinchey, B-29 Pilot of 98th Bomb Wing, Japan, January 1953

F-86 Sabre Pilot Capt. Kenneth D. Critchfield, Korea, October 1951

Radio Operator 2nd Lt. William Smith, 1950