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Paul Tibbits Head of B-47 Stratojet Test Program, Boeing at Wichita, 1950

18th FBW, F-51 Pilot Celebrates 100 missions, Korea, 1950

Boeing RB-29J “Tiger Lil” and Crew from the 91st SRS, 91st SRW

Master Sergeant Silvio Joseph Dorazio, 1950’s

Lt Jack Sallee 181st Fighter Squadron, Texas ANG

Capt Chuck Yeager Bell X-1 with ‘Glamorous Glennis’, 1948

F-84 Pilot Maj. Milan R. Forkapa, Jr. of 180th FW, Toledo, July 25, 1961

Test Pilot Robert ‘Bob’ Sidney Hirsch

Lt. Jimmy Escalle 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron F-86 Sabre Pilot, Korea, 1953

Capt. Milburn G. “Mel” Apt, X-2 Test Pilot, Edwards AFB, 1956