Boeing RB-29J “Tiger Lil” and Crew from the 91st SRS, 91st SRW


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  1. konabish

    This bomber was shot-down by Soviet Migs in 1954, near Northern Japan (10 survived, 1 drowned).

    FROM N.Y. TIMES OF NOV. 8, 1954 — TOKYO, Monday, Nov. 8 ( AP )
    Following is the text of the United States Air Force announcement today on the crash of the RB-29: The United States Air Force RB-29 of the Ninety-first Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, which crashed yesterday morning , went down after it was fired upon by two Russian-built Mig-type fighters.
    Both Migs made two firing passes at the reconnaissance bomber, setting it afire. All eleven crew members bailed out. The plane crashed on the Island of Hokkaido, ten miles east of the town of Kenebetsu. Ten of the eleven crew members landed safely on the ground. The eleventh was found dead…. The RB-29, which was on a photo-mapping mission, crashed at 11:53 AM. Crew members did not fire.

    “… This nose art had made her a well known celebrity everywhere she went. I was shocked when Walter told me there was no nose art, no combat missions, everything had been removed. He said he thought the 15th AF emblem was also removed…. It was obvious the RB did fly “very close” to Soviet territory, although the crew denied it. “

    December 30, 2011 at 3:08 pm

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