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Pilots of 13th TIS Celebrate Winning EADF Air to Air Rocketry Meet, 27th April 1954

Republic of China, (ROCAF) F-51 Mustangs Formosa, January 1951

‘Operation Persian Rug’ 4136th Wing B-52H Crew, Torrejon AB, Jan 11th 1962

Major Robert C. Ruby Commander of 36th FBS “Flying Fiends”, Korea, May 1953

05-53_Maj. Ruby_Squadron CO_May 53

58th Fighter Bomber Wing F-84 Pilot, Korea

Northrop Test Pilots with F-89-H Scorpion, 1955

B-47 Pilot Capt. Merle Hahn and Crew, 1950’s


Lt General C.M. “Tote” Talbott, CO of 322d Fighter Day Group, 1954

RF-51 ‘Little Lynn’ of 45th Tac Recon Squadron, Kimpo, Korea 1952

F-84 Pilot Captain Bill Putnam of 154th FBS Korea, 1951