Lt. Col. Harold “Bunny” Elwood Comstock F-100D Pilot 481st TFS, Cannon AFB, 1964


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  1. cyclic206

    While testing new Republic P-47C Thunderbolts at the Republic aircraft factory, 13 October 1942, Lt. Harold E. Comstock, USAAC, entered a dive from 49,600 feet. As the speed increased, Comstock encountered compressibility effects which “froze” his flight controls. Using elevator trim, he was able to recover from the dive between 20,000–25,000 feet. His wingman encountered the same problems. The Air Force acknowledged in 1959 that “Lts. Harold Comstock and Roger Dyar set a new speed record for airplanes when they power-dived their P-47 fighters at 725 mph from 35,000 feet over an east coast air base.”

    November 5, 2013 at 8:00 pm

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