Pilots of 13th TIS Celebrate Winning EADF Air to Air Rocketry Meet, 27th April 1954


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  1. Colonel G.B Greene, commander of 4708th Defence Wing, phone in hand yells out the news to his wing air-to-air rocket firing team that they have just been announced the winners of the Eastern Air defence air-to-air rocketry meet held at Otis air force base from April 22nd-27th 1954. Immediately to the left of the wing commander is Colonel William A Tope, Selfridge AFB Commander and captain of the wing gunnary group. They when on to compete in the first USAF rocketry meet held at Yuma Air Force Base in June 1954 where they finished third, the best of the F-86 Squadrons taking part.

    January 31, 2012 at 1:19 pm

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