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100 Missions Completed for 2/Lt Dell C Toedt of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea 1952


B-47 Crewchief, A/1C Wesley Bender, 380th BW, 530th BS

RF-51 ‘OH-KAYE BABY’, 2/Lt Dell C Toedt of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea 1952

F-80 Pilots of 472nd FBS, 439th Fighter Bomber Wing, 28th February 1954


445th BS 321st BW Bob Silver, Navigator Bill Clifton, CP, Carl Axtell, Pilot, McCoy AFB

Ernie Wakehouse, John Taylor, Rock Brett & Fred Rockmaker 39th FIS Korea, 1951

Lt. Col. Thomas A Hudson Jr Congratulates 45th Tac Recon Sqdn Pilot’s 100th Mission

Maryland Air National Guard F-47 Pilots of 104th FS, Baltimore, April 10th 1948

First Lieutenant Raymond C. Carrington, Greenland, 1954

B-29 Pilot John J Martin, Okinawa, 1951