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F-100C Pilot Maj. Charles C. Jones, CO of 452nd FS, 322nd FW, Foster AFB Texas, 1955

First Six F-100C Picked Up from North American Aviation, Los Angeles, July 14th 1955

Pilot Lt. Col. W. W. “Bones” Marshall, Bendix Trophy Race, Edwards AFB, Sept 1953

Capt. James F. Carson, Test Pilot, Bendix Trophy Race, Edwards AFB, September 1953

E.D. Francis Jr. McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Test Pilot, 1966

F-51 “Pretty Maggie” with Pilot 2nd Lt. Budesa of 40th FS, Johnson AFB, Japan, 1949

USAF F-80 Pilot, Williams Field Jet Pilot School, Williams Field, Chandler, Arizona, 1951

S.H. Knopf MFG.CO. Jacket Flying Heavy Attached Hood, N-2A, MIL-J-6178, 1951

Capt. Benjamin Thompson F-100 Flight Instructor, 524th Tactical Fighter Squadron

72nd Reconnaissance Squadron RB-36 Peacemaker,Travis AFB, California, March 1952

92nd Bombardment Wing, B-52 SAC Alert Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, 1961

Major Bradford Evans, Guided Missile Lectures, Bahamas, February 1952

Col. B.L. Grubaugh and Capt. F.L. Fulton with Convair YB-60, December 1952.

Douglas A-26 Invader Pilots and Crew of 731st Bombardment Squadron, Korea, 1950

S/Sgt. J W Terrell & RF-80 Pilot 2d Lt. R V Hudgens of 45th TRS, 67th TRW, Korea 1953

3560th PTS Instructors Lt. J. T. McDaniel & Tom Gutz with Students, Webb AFB, 1960

Capt. Wolf F-84 Thunderjet Pilot of 49th FBW, K2 Taegu Air Base, Korea, July 1951

P-80 Shooting Star, Bendix Transcontinental Race, National Air Races, Cleveland, 1946

Lt. Richard D. Bach, F-84F Thunderstreak Pilot, Chaumont AB, France, May 1962

Captain Claude Gordon “Gordy” Hess F-84F Pilot of 113th TFS, Indiana ANG

Acrojets F-80 Pilots, Williams Air Force Base, Arizona, 1948

Lockheed T-33 Pilot Cadet Steven Abernathy, 1969

Maj. Robert H. Lawrence of 7330th FTW, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1958

Colonel Gerald E. Hallas F-84 Pilot of 22nd FBS, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, 1950