Major Steven Turner, F-86F 97th FIS CO, Bendix Trophy Race, Edwards AFB, Sept 1953


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  1. Bendix Air Victors Race 603 MPH DAYTON Ohio sleek sabre jets zoomed 1900 miles across the continent in record smashing time Saturday with two pilots tied in the unofficial results for the Bendix Trophy with speeds of 603 miles an hour. A crowd of some 50000 on hand for the national air races let out a oh when Maj. William T Whisner Jr. brought his jet roaring past the finish pylon in the unofficial time of 603547 mph. Minutes later Maj. Edward Johnston Reynolds Jr. the last of the 10 pilots in the race zoomed across the finish line with a 603287 mph finish The 10 pilots who left Edwards Air Force Base Calif Saturday morning all finished with speeds faster than he Bendix record of 551761 set by Col Keith Complon in winning the race two years ago. Capt James F Carson El Cen tro Calif flew the miles without fuel He was able to coast on to make dead stick landing at Wright Patterson Air Force Base with a 57732 mile an hour average slowest of all but still 21 miles faster than the Bendix record.

    August 22, 2012 at 8:34 am

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