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B-57B Reconnaissance Pilot Major Edward Nash, 1962

General I.G. Brown & Col. Alexander Macdonald, 119th FW CO with F-101B Voodoo

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Weather Recon Crew, 1950’s

F-104B Starfighter Pilots of a Weather Recon Squadron, 1960’s

USAF “Mosquito” Forward Air Control Aircraft, Korea 1953

B-29 Crew of 55th Weather Recon Squadron, 7th October 1946

F-94 with Col. Alexander Macdonald & Capt Donald Flesland of 178th FIS NDANG

Lt. Richard Harding & Lt. Col. Ward Kemp CO of 449th FIS, Ladd AFB, Nov 1952

Lockheed XF-104 & Test Pilot Tony LeVier , Edwards AFB, 1954

Lockheed TF-80C Shooting Star, Test Pilot Tony LeVier, 1948