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Capt. Jerry Gentry M2-F2 Test Pilot, Edwards AFB, October 1966

Convair XC-99 Crew, June 27th 1952

NASA Lockheed F-104B Pilot John McKay, October 17th 1962

Convair Test Crew of XB-36H, June 18th 1956

Lieut Col. Guy M. Townsend and Crew, Boeing Airplane Co. XB-52 Test Pilot, Oct 1952

F-84F Fighter Bomber at MacDill Air Force Base, October 1962

Captain Lester Erikson, Ohio National Air Guard, Wayne County Airport, July 1954

Major Robert McMath and Pilots of 107th FIS, Michigan National Guard, October 1956

Astronauts Geological Training, Cimarron, New Mexico, June 1964

F-100 Pilots 4511th CCTS 4510th CCTW, Luke AFB, March 1969