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Lt. Col. Bill Haviland Crashed Lockheed F-80, Florida ANG, 1950

Captain Vermont Garrison, 334th FS, 4th Fighter Group 1948

Lt. Colonel Jacob W. Dixon Commanding Officer of the 334th FS, 4th FG, 1948

Lockheed Test Pilot Bob Hanson, Burbank California, 25th June 1952

USAF Pilots at Convair Plant, 1950’s

T-33 Pilot Training, Connally AFB, 1960’s

Convair F-102 Delta Dagger Pilots, 1957

Sabre Pilot Colonel Harrison Reed Thyng, 4th Fighter Wing CO, January 21st 1952

F-100 Supersabre Pilot Lt. Charles L. Prescott of 79th TFS, December 1958

Capt Marle Hewett T-38 Pilot Class 64B, Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB, 1964

Neil Armstrong Geological Training, Cimarron, New Mexico, June 1964

Sykline Clothing Corp. L-2B, MIL-J-7448F, DSA 1-4982, 1964

Convair YF-102 Delta Dagger, Edwards Air Force Base, 1954

Lockheed C-141 Military Air Transport Service Pilot and Crew, 1964

Lt. Sidney McLaurin of 318th FIS Testing Pressure Suit, McChord AFB, 1957

X-15 Test Pilots Scott Crossfield, Major Robert White and Neil Armstrong, 1961

F-102 Pilot Major Bob Joiner of 57th FIS, Keflavik Airport, Iceland, 1970

Convair F-102 Test Pilot Pressure Suit, 1950’s

Maj. F. Fulton B-58 Test Pilot, 1957

Apollo Astronaut James Lovell, 12th March 1964

Convair F-106 Pilots of 71st Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1960′s

Convair F-102 Test Pilot and General Robert Landry, 1957

B-58 Hustler Pilot, 1960’s

Apollo Astronauts Jim Irwin, Dave Scott and Joe Allen, Taos, New Mexico, March 1971