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Neil Armstrong Geological Training, Cimarron, New Mexico, June 1964


Sykline Clothing Corp. L-2B, MIL-J-7448F, DSA 1-4982, 1964

Convair YF-102 Delta Dagger, Edwards Air Force Base, 1954

Lockheed C-141 Military Air Transport Service Pilot and Crew, 1964

Lt. Sidney McLaurin of 318th FIS Testing Pressure Suit, McChord AFB, 1957

X-15 Test Pilots Scott Crossfield, Major Robert White and Neil Armstrong, 1961

F-102 Pilot Major Bob Joiner of 57th FIS, Keflavik Airport, Iceland, 1970

Convair F-102 Test Pilot Pressure Suit, 1950’s

Maj. F. Fulton B-58 Test Pilot, 1957

Apollo Astronaut James Lovell, 12th March 1964