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36th FBS ‘Flying Fiends’, ‘Mike Flight’, K-13, Suwon, Korea, 1953

11-53_Mike Flight_Nov 53

Colonel Edwin A. Doss, Commander of the 49th Fighter Wing, Kunsan 1953


F-100 Pilots of 309th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 31st TFW, Itazuke Japan, 1962


36th FBS Lt. Fick Henderson Crew Chiefs F. Deganna, Unkn, & C. Fleming, May 1953

05-53_MFH in front of Group Ops_May 5308-53_Figmos_Crew Chiefs Deganna and Fleming_Aug 53

Ground Crew Servicing 336th FIS, 4th FIW F-86, Korea 1952

4th FIW

USAF Pilot Training, Cadet Ludo Goovaerts of Class 52-H, Williams AFB, 1952


1st Lt. Gaylord Treu and Unknown Pilots, Pensecola Florida


North American P-82B Twin Mustang, Hickam Field, Hawaii, February 27, 1947


36th FBS Pilots ‘Uncle’ Flight “Mitch, Charlie, Hairless & T.W.”, K-13 Korea, April 1953

z4-04-53_Mitch-Charlie-Hairless_T.W. in front of Uncle flight quonset_K-13_Apr 53

Rolen Sportswear, Jacket Flying Heavy Attached Hood, N-2B, MIL-J-6278 B, 1958