522nd PS, 27th FEG F-84 Pilots with ‘GYPSY from PO’KEEPSIE’, K-9 Korea, 1950-51

f-84 1950xx

F-86 Pilots Lt. Vance Lethold, Capt. Donald Adams & Col. Harold W. Scruggs, July 1950


Air Search, Capt. Dennis Thompson & Capt. Carl K. Dunlap, March AFB, March 1952

‘Operation Fox Able’ P-80, 56th Fighter Group, Furstenfeldbruck, July 1948

F-94 Pilots, Korea, 1953

Capt. Hannibal M. “Killer” Cox F-51 Pilot, former Tuskegee Airmen , 39th FIS, Korea 1951

Douglas A-26 Invader Pilots and Crew of 731st Bombardment Squadron, Korea, 1950

Lt Dell C Toedt of 1708th Ferry Group, Chile, 1954

100 Missions Completed for 2/Lt Dell C Toedt of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea 1952

Republic of China, (ROCAF) F-51 Mustangs Formosa, January 1951

146th FBW, Californian ANG, with Beauty Queen Joy Reynolds, 15th May 1954

Boeing RB-29J “Tiger Lil” and Crew from the 91st SRS, 91st SRW

Ryan X-13 Vertijet with Test Pilot W. L. “Lou” Everett, 1955

Robert Dieter, 1947

Lt John MacDonald 21st Troop Carrier Squadron, Kimpo, 1951

Jack Woolams and Bell X-1, 1949

Sgt. Don Beck 92nd BG, 325th BS, in front of B-50 ‘Townswick’s Terrors’, Korea

Muroc Pilots Frank Everest & Fred Ascani, Supersonic Thunderclap Tests, 1951


P-80 Pilots, Misawa Air Base, Japan, 1949

Col John C. Meyer, 1951 (Part 2)

B-29 Rescue, 1949

4th FIW Commander Col. John C. Meyer, Kimpo Air Base, Korea,1951

81st FG, 92nd Fighter Squadron, 1950