North American F-51 Mustang Pilot, 1940’s


Republic F-84 Test Pilot


F-94 Starfire Maintenance, 178th FIS North Dakota ANG, Fargo, N.D.


Test Pilot Captain Chuck Yeager with Prototype Bell X-1, 1949


90th BS, Capt. Bill Sanders & Lt. Ralph Matsen, Kunsan Air Base, Korea, 1952

4bRalph Matsen

Lt. Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. & F-86A Pilots of 62nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1950


Captain Vermont Garrison, 334th FS, 4th Fighter Group 1948

Lt. Colonel Jacob W. Dixon Commanding Officer of the 334th FS, 4th FG, 1948

RB-47 Crew

“Lill Texas Lass” F-80 Pilot Major Jarrett “Jack” Bowen, 1950

The 59th WRS Hurricane Hunters in front of a WB-50

X-1 Pilot, Capt. Charles Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1949

Douglas A-26 Invader Pilots and Crew of 731st Bombardment Squadron, Korea, 1950

Colonel Gerald E. Hallas F-84 Pilot of 22nd FBS, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, 1950

Capt. Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. and Pilots of 25th FIS, 51st FG, Korea, 1951

F-80 Pilots of 472nd FBS, 439th Fighter Bomber Wing, 28th February 1954


Ernie Wakehouse, John Taylor, Rock Brett & Fred Rockmaker 39th FIS Korea, 1951

‘Flying Tiger’ Airman Bettye Krieter with Fourteenth Air Force A-26 and Pilot

Chief Experimental Test Pilot Carl Bellinger and F-84A, 1947

Boeing RB-29J “Tiger Lil” and Crew from the 91st SRS, 91st SRW

18th FBG, 12th FBS Korean War F-51 Pilots, 1950

Ace Colonel James Jabara, 1951 (Part 3)

Skyblazers F-80B Shooting Star, Crew Chief Sgt. R.W. Kamm and Lt. C.A. Patillo, 1950

Col John C. Meyer, Col Bruce H. Hinton and LtCol Glenn T. Eagleston, Korea, 1950