Reese AFB Class 58H Alpha Flight, 1958

Reese AFB Class 58H Alpha Flight

‘Operation Teapot’ F-84 Pilots of 4926th Test Squadron, Indian Springs AFB, 1955


36th FBS ‘Flying Fiends’, ‘Mike Flight’, K-13, Suwon, Korea, 1953

11-53_Mike Flight_Nov 53

Convair B-58 Hustler Crews, 1960’s

KC-135 Captain Morgan, Captain Dosenbach and Crew 42nd ARS, 42nd Bomb Wing


528th BS, 380th BW Crew with B G Gillen (c) Ssgt Bernier, Ssgt Carlson & A/2c Beadle

Boeing Test Pilot Richard L. ‘Dix’ Loesch, July 1964

F-94 Pilots, Korea, 1953

RB-47 Crew, 38th SRS, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Alaska 1963

Maj. Robert H. Lawrence of 7330th FTW, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1958

B-29 Pilot Capt. Merle Hahn and Crew, Korea, 1950

B-47 Crewchief, A/1C Wesley Bender, 380th BW, 530th BS

146th FBW, Californian ANG, with Beauty Queen Joy Reynolds, 15th May 1954

328th Bomb Squadron B-52 Bomber Round The World Flight, (Part 3), 1957

Lt Roger Pile, 85th FIS, Scott AFB, 1956

Missouri Air Guard Airmen with there F-84F, 1962

B-36 5737 of 7th BW in MASDC at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tuscon, Arizona, 1958

SAC Alert, 436th BS (Heavy), 4238th Strategic Wing at Barksdale AFB 1960

B-52 “All Star” Major Winston Moore Crew 8 1/2 hr mission, 1958

TAIL GUNNER, M/Sgt. Raymond Finkelstein is responsible for checking the outboard engines, which the pilot cannot see, and watching for enemy fighters.

B-52 Crew Training with 4017th Combat Crew Training Squadron, 1956

Capt. Addington, 42nd Bombardment Wing, 1961

Flight School 1955

Convair XB-58 Hustler Test Pilots

X-2 Test Pilots & Crew, 1956