Strategic Air Command B-36 of the 98th BS 11th BW, Carswell AFB, Texas, 1950’s


Capt. William L. Hickey B-36 Pilot & Crew of AFSWC, ‘Operation Teapot’, Nevada, 1955


Convair Test Crew of XB-36H, June 18th 1956

72nd Reconnaissance Squadron RB-36 Peacemaker,Travis AFB, California, March 1952

Col. B.L. Grubaugh and Capt. F.L. Fulton with Convair YB-60, December 1952.

B-36 Pilots and Crew, 1949

SAC Air Sea Rescue Training, 72nd Bomb Wing, late 1950′s (Part 2)

B-36A10 Crew At the Conclusion of a Long Range Flight

Strategic Air Command B-36 and Crew, 1950’s

Cold War Storage, B-36’s at Luke Air Force Base, May 1956

SAC Air Sea Rescue Training, 72nd Bomb Wing, late 1950’s

Convair B-36 Test Flight Pilot, B.A. Erickson

B-36 at Consolidated Aircraft Assembly Plant, 1950

B-36 Crew ‘Operation Teapot’ Atomic Test, 1955

72nd Reconnaissance Squadron RB-36 Peacemaker Crew, mid 1952

SAC B-36 Arrive In Japan, 1953

B-36 Late 1950’s

B-36 5737 of 7th BW in MASDC at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tuscon, Arizona, 1958

Thule Air Base, Greenland, 1953

B-36 Crew In Some Nice Clean White Flightsuits

B-36 Bomber of Strategic Air Command’s Carswell Air Force Base, 1951

Strategic Air Command and United States Air Force B-36 Crew

Flight crew of a B-36F plane No. 109, 1952

Flight crew of a B-36F plane No. 109, posing in front of the plane’s nose in their pressurized suits and helmets in November 1952. Front (L-R): G.L. Whiting, B.L. Woods, I.G. Hanten, and R.L. D’Abadie. Back (L-R):A.S. Witchell, J.D. McEachern, J.G. Parker and R. D. Norvell.

Convair YB-60, 1952