RB-47 Crew, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, 1963


Major Louis Martinich Jr. B-47 Pilot and son Bobby, March AFB, December 1954


B-47 Flight Crew Training, March AFB, January 1958


3rd RS, 26th SRW Capt W. E. Yingling, 1/Lt. H. M. Paynter & Capt J. D. Brown, 1955


B-47 Stratojet Crew Captain Leon V. Creed & Major Edward S. Stahl of 19th BS, 1955


RB-47 Stratojet Reconnaissance Crew, 1955


B-47 Crew Lt. Col. William R. Smith and Crew, March Air Force Base, 1953

528th BS, 380th BW Crew with B G Gillen (c) Ssgt Bernier, Ssgt Carlson & A/2c Beadle

RB-47 Crew

WB-47 Weather Recon Pilot

SAC Crew, 1960’s

RB-47 S-96 Crew, 38th SRS, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Incirlick 1961

RB-47 Crew, 38th SRS, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, Alaska 1963

‘Hurricane Hunter’ Capt Robert Bailey and Crew, RB-47, August 1964

B-47 Pilot Lt. Merle Hahn and Crew, 1950′s

B-47 Crewchief, A/1C Wesley Bender, 380th BW, 530th BS

445th BS 321st BW Bob Silver, Navigator Bill Clifton, CP, Carl Axtell, Pilot, McCoy AFB

B-47 Pilot Capt. Merle Hahn and Crew, 1950’s


Paul Tibbits Head of B-47 Stratojet Test Program, Boeing at Wichita, 1950

RB-47H Crew E-57, of 343 SRS ELINT Squadron, 55 SRW, Forbes Air Force Base

RB 47 Crew of 38th SRS, 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

B-47 In-flight Refuelling, 1950’s

Pilot, Muroc Air Base, 1953

B-47 at Benguerir Morocco, 1956