56th WRS WB-50 Capt. Jordan, Capt. Crowder & TSgt. Allen, Yokota Air Base Japan

The 59th WRS Hurricane Hunters in front of a WB-50

53rd Weather Recon WB-50 Crew, December 1952

WB-50 Pilot Major Victor H. Whittier & Major Douglas Williams, Observer, 55th WRS

B-29 Pilot Capt. Merle Hahn and Crew, Korea, 1950

4925th Test Group Atomic, 1950’s

B-29 Rear Gunner A/2C Kenneth W. Roberts 98th Bomb Wing, Japan 1953

1st Lt. Carl L. Hinchey, B-29 Pilot of 98th Bomb Wing, Japan, January 1953

B-29 Gunner, A/2C James J. Prater of 98th Bomb Wing, Japan, March 1953

Lt. Col. Marle M. Jones Commander of the 91st SRS, Japan, September 1952