Major Loomers B-52 Crew of 325th BS, 92nd BW, 1960’s



B-52 Pilot Lt. Col. Francis Yohannan of 325th BS, 92nd BW get his Promotion, 1963


B-52 Pilot 1/Lt. William R. Norwood of 23rd Bomb Squadron, 5th Bomb Wing, 1960’s


Lieut Col. Guy M. Townsend and Crew, Boeing Airplane Co. XB-52 Test Pilot, Oct 1952

Albert L. Jones Boeing Airplane Company Test Pilot, 1957

Capt Sturm, Skyline, Jacket Flying Heavy Attached Hood, N-2B, MIL-J-6278 E, 1966

2nd BW, B-52 Navigator Captain Ron “Ronco” Lambert, Barksdale AFB, 1968

Boeing B-52 of 22nd Bomb Wing SAC Alert

92nd Bombardment Wing, B-52 SAC Alert Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, 1961

XB-52 with Test Pilot Alvin M. “Tex” Johnston, October 1952