Test Pilot Major Arthur W. “Kit” Murray with Bell X-1A, Edwards AFB, May 1954


Test Pilot Captain Chuck Yeager with Prototype Bell X-1, 1949


Capt. Iven C. Kinchloe & Capt. Milburn G. “Mel” Apt with Bell X-2, Edwards AFB,1956

Ames Bell X-14 Test Pilot’s Fred Drinkwater & Neil Armstrong, February 1964

X-1 Pilot, Capt. Charles Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1949

Capt Chuck Yeager Bell X-1 with ‘Glamorous Glennis’, 1948

Capt. Milburn G. “Mel” Apt, X-2 Test Pilot, Edwards AFB, 1956

X-1 with Pilots Robert Champine and Herb Hoover, 1st September 1949

Jack Woolams and Bell X-1, 1949

Lt. Col. Frank K. Everest Testing X-2, 1956

X-2 Test Pilots & Crew, (Part2), 1956

X-1 Pilots, Capt. Charles Yeager, Major Gus Lundquist and Capt. J. Fitzgerald, 1949

Yeager and X-1A, 1953

Jean “Skip” Ziegler and the Bell X-5, 1952


X-2 Test Pilots & Crew, 1956