Chuck Yeager

Test Pilot Col. Chuck Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1960’s


Test Pilot Captain Chuck Yeager with Prototype Bell X-1, 1949


Col Chuck Yeager 306th TAC FTR SQ, 1958


“I Dream of Jeannie” Col. Chuck Yeager visits with star, Barbara Eden

Douglas X-3 Stiletto Pilot Major Chuck Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1953

Breaking the Sound Barrier F-86 Pilots Jackie Cochran & Yeager, Edwards AFB, 1953

X-1 Pilot, Capt. Charles Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1949

Lt.Col. Yeager CO of 1st Fighter Day Squadron, 1958

Capt Chuck Yeager Bell X-1 with ‘Glamorous Glennis’, 1948

Jackie Cochran and Col. Chuck Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1962

Major Richardson (Chief of Physiology Lab) and Yeager with Lockheed NF-104, 1963

Lt.Col. Yeager and Capt. Louis Batson, 1st Fighter Day Squadron, 13th December 1958

Edwards Test Pilots, Chuck Yeager, Fred Ascani & Jack Ridley, early 1950’s

Yeager & Martin XB-51, 1951

X-1 Pilots, Capt. Charles Yeager, Major Gus Lundquist and Capt. J. Fitzgerald, 1949

Yeager and X-1A, 1953

Major Robert W. Smith, Rocket Powered Lockheed NF-104A, 1962

USAF Major Robert W. Smith zoomed the rocket-powered Lockheed NF-104A to an unofficial record altitude of 120,800 feet.  This mark still stands as the highest altitude ever achieved by a United States aircraft from a runway take-off.

U.S.A.F.E. Champs 1955-1956

Col Chuck Yeager 306th TAC FTR SQ, 1958