Class 69-8B, Texas, 1969


A-26 Crew 2nd Lieutenant Fred Pape and Pilot Captain Milton Royles, K-9, 1953


36th TFW, 23rd & 22nd TFS Pilots, Bitburg AFB, Germany, 1966


119th Wing “Happy Hooligans” North Dakota ANG, with C-47 Dakota “Minnie H”, 1968

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8th TFW CO Colonel Robin Olds with 555th TFS Pilots, Vietnam, May 4th, 1967


NACA Test Pilot Scott Crossfield with Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket, November 20th 1953

Douglas X-3 Stiletto Pilot Major Chuck Yeager, Edwards Air Force Base, 1953

Douglas A-26 Invader Pilots and Crew of 731st Bombardment Squadron, Korea, 1950

First Lieutenant Raymond C. Carrington, Greenland, 1954

‘Flying Tiger’ Airman Bettye Krieter with Fourteenth Air Force A-26 and Pilot