F-100 Pilot of 119th FS, 177th FW, New Jersey Air National Guard, 1960’s


John L. Swigert Jr. F-100 Pilot of 118th Fighter Squadron Pilot Connecticut ANG, 1965


Test Pilot Col. John Whitehead with F-100 Super Sabre


F-100 Era 307th FBS, 31st FBW Mug of Donald J Barutt, Hahn Air Base, Germany 1958

307th 11

F-100 Pilot of 353rd TFS, 354th FDW


F-100 Pilots Capt. Bill Bollinger & Capt. Jay P. Hampton of 353rd TFS, 354th FDW


F-100 Super Sabre Pilots of 353rd TFS, 354th FDW, 1950’s

8843709424_f18618c8ae_k8843533716_977399c563_k8843710376_8964cbf3ed_k353rd TFS Pilots, 353rd TFS Personnel, F-100 Super Sabre, John DeBock, Michael DeBock, Phil, Bruce D

F-100 Pilot Col. David Hrdlicka of 34th Fighter Day Squadron, 1958


F-100 Pilots of 185th Tactical Fighter Group, Iowa Air National Guard, May 1968

185th TFG F-100 Pilots April 1968 Brown in Pilot briefing

F-100 Pilot Lt Col Harvey Guy Lisenby, Vietnam

Lisenby USAF (Ret), Harv, Lt Col

F-100 Pilots of 309th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 31st TFW, Itazuke Japan, 1962


F-100 Super Sabre Pilot of 612th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 401st FBG, 1958


Col Chuck Yeager 306th TAC FTR SQ, 1958


F-100 Supersabre Pilot Lt. Charles L. Prescott of 79th TFS, December 1958

F-100 Pilots 4511th CCTS 4510th CCTW, Luke AFB, March 1969

F-100 Supersabre Pilot Lieutenant Don Nichols, 1950’s

North American Aviation F-100D Test Pilot Robert Hoover, 1957

Colonel James Jabara of 416th TFS ferrying F-100 to Phan Rang AFB, Vietnam, 1966

F-100C Pilots Charles Lynn of 434th FS & Maj. Charles C. Jones of 452nd FS, 1955

F-100C Pilot Maj. Charles C. Jones, CO of 452nd FS, 322nd FW, Foster AFB Texas, 1955

First Six F-100C Picked Up from North American Aviation, Los Angeles, July 14th 1955

Capt. Benjamin Thompson F-100 Flight Instructor, 524th Tactical Fighter Squadron

F-100 Pilots of 22nd TFS, 36th TFW Bitburg Air Base, 1961

Lt.Col. Yeager CO of 1st Fighter Day Squadron, 1958