F-102 Delta Dagger

Convair YF-102 Delta Dagger, Edwards Air Force Base, 1954

Lt. Sidney McLaurin of 318th FIS Testing Pressure Suit, McChord AFB, 1957

F-102 Pilot Major Bob Joiner of 57th FIS, Keflavik Airport, Iceland, 1970

Convair F-102 Test Pilot Pressure Suit, 1950’s

Convair F-102 Test Pilot and General Robert Landry, 1957

F-102 Pilot Lt. Col. Charles E. Rigney Commander of 327th FIS, Bendix Air Race, 1957

327th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron Pilot, 1958


‘Pin Up’ Barbara Lang and 327th Fighter Interceptor Squadron F-102, 1957 (Part 2)

Convair F-102 Project Team Pilot, 1950’s

Capt. Vince C. Hartnett F-102A Delta Dagger Pilot of 498th FIS “Geiger Tigers”, 1958