F-80 Shooting Star

Capt. Don Loegering, F-80 Shooting Star Pilot of 80th FBS ‘Headhunters’, Korea


Col. Ralph Sherman Parr, F-80 Pilot of 49th FBW, Korea 1950


P-80A-1 Shooting Star at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, 1946


FP-80 Pilots of 363rd RW after Non-Stop Flight from March AFB to Barksdale AFB, 1947


15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron “Every Man A Tiger”, RF-80 Mug, Korea 1953


P-80A “Houston Hurricane” Lt Bob Eckman of 27th FS, 1st FG at March Field, CA 1946


Ashtray of P-80 Pilot 1/Lt. William Moor Dauchy of 307th FS, Kitzingen, Germany 1946

307th 08

P-80 ‘Vans Can’ of Lt Thomas L. Van Riper of 94th FS, 1st FG, Hamilton Field July 1946

Lockheed_P-80A_Vans_Can_(5043552998) (1)

Arming a F-80 of 182 FS, Texas ANG, Kelly AFB, 1956


USAF Pilot Training, Cadet Ludo Goovaerts of Class 52-H, Williams AFB, 1952


Lt. Col. Bill Haviland Crashed Lockheed F-80, Florida ANG, 1950

Captain Vermont Garrison, 334th FS, 4th Fighter Group 1948

Lt. Colonel Jacob W. Dixon Commanding Officer of the 334th FS, 4th FG, 1948

T-33 Pilot Training, Connally AFB, 1960’s

Lockheed F-80 Pilots of 67th FBS and 12th FBS, 18th Fighter Bomber Wing, Japan


‘Operation Fox Able’ P-80, 56th Fighter Group, Furstenfeldbruck, July 1948

“Lill Texas Lass” F-80 Pilot Major Jarrett “Jack” Bowen, 1950

117th FIS Pilots Captain Bill Fry and Lt. Gene Crackle, Hutchinson 1957

Lockheed TF-80C Shooting Star, Test Pilot Tony LeVier, 1948

P-80A “Sneaky-P” flown by LT J. M. DeMoss of the 39th PRS, Project COMET, May 1946

Lockheed YP-80A in the Altitude Wind Tunnel Test, 1945

USAF F-80 Pilot, Williams Field Jet Pilot School, Williams Field, Chandler, Arizona, 1951

S/Sgt. J W Terrell & RF-80 Pilot 2d Lt. R V Hudgens of 45th TRS, 67th TRW, Korea 1953

P-80 Shooting Star, Bendix Transcontinental Race, National Air Races, Cleveland, 1946