F-86D Sabre Dog Pilot of 2nd FIS, 52nd FW, Suffolk County AFB, New York, 1955


F-86F-30-NA 52-4999 Sabre Pilot Training, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, August 1955



John L. Swigert Jr. F-100 Pilot of 118th Fighter Squadron Pilot Connecticut ANG, 1965


Colonel James R. Ashford F-86 Commander of 199th FS, Hawaii Air National Guard


Lt. Bennie “Ben” L. Crain F-86D Pilot of 4th FIS, c1955


F-86 Pilot 1st Lt. Rock Morrell of 45th FS, Sidi Slimane Air Base, French Morocco, 1953


F-86 Sabre Pilot Lieutenant Buzz Aldrin of 16th FS, 51st FW, Korea, 1953


F-86 Pilot Charles E. “Chuck” Toynbee of 123rd FIS, 142nd FW, Oregon ANG, 1954

Charles E. “Chuck” Toynbee grins as he stands next to an OreANG North American F-86A Sabre fighter

F-86 Pilot Captain Lonnie R. Moore of 335th FIS 4th Fighter Wing, Korea, 1953


86th FIW Mug, 513th, 525th, 526th, 496th, 32nd & 514th FS, Ramstein, Germany 1960

86th 5

F-86 Pilot 2nd Lt Philip A. Redpath of 335th FIS 4th Fighter Wing, Korea, 1953

2nd Lt Philip Redpath

431st Fighter Interceptor Squadron ‘Red Devils’ Lighter, Wheelus AB, Libya, 1955

431st a

35th Fighter Bomber Squadron ‘The Black Panthers’, F-86 Sabre Mug, Korea, 1954

35th FBS

F-86 334th FS, 4th FW Pilot, Korea 1953


North American F-86D Sabre Pilot Lieutenant Colonel William F. Barns, 1953


431st Fighter Interceptor Squadron ‘Red Devils’ Mug, Zaragoza AB, Spain, 1960


36th FBS ‘Flying Fiends’, ‘Mike Flight’, K-13, Suwon, Korea, 1953

11-53_Mike Flight_Nov 53

Ground Crew Servicing 336th FIS, 4th FIW F-86, Korea 1952

4th FIW

36th FBS Pilots ‘Uncle’ Flight “Mitch, Charlie, Hairless & T.W.”, K-13 Korea, April 1953

z4-04-53_Mitch-Charlie-Hairless_T.W. in front of Uncle flight quonset_K-13_Apr 53

F-86 Pilot Capt. Jim Yealy of 417th TFS, early 1950’s

Jim Yealy

F-86 Pilots Lt. Vance Lethold, Capt. Donald Adams & Col. Harold W. Scruggs, July 1950


F-86A Pilot of 62nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, O’Hare Air Reserve Station, 1950


Lt. Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. & F-86A Pilots of 62nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1950


District of Columbia ANG, F-86H of 121st TFS, 1957