F-89 Scorpion

Northrop F-89 Scorpion Pilot, 1950’s


178th FIS F-89 Scorpion Pilots of North Dakota ANG, Fargo, N.D., 1960


Major Robert McMath and Pilots of 107th FIS, Michigan National Guard, October 1956

Class 61B James Connally AFB, 1961

Class 61D James Connally AFB, 1961

F-89 Scorpion Pilot Captain J. R. Johnson of 437th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1958

NDANG F-89J Pilots ‘Rick’s Trophy Competition’, at Tyndal Air Force Base, 1960

F-89 Scorpion Crew, 1950’s

Crew Chief Applying Electrical Power to a Michigan Air National Guard F-89, 1957

Northrop Test Pilots with F-89-H Scorpion, 1955

“Sunday Punch” Brand New F-89 Scorpion, Hawthorne, California, 1952

IDANG F-89B and Pilots, 1957

Brig. Gen. Clinton D. “Casey” Vincent with an F-89 Scorpion, 1950’s

Capt. Arthur Murray Test Pilot F-89 Scorpion 1951