Flight Gear

Engineer Lynde G. Williams Flight Mask Test at Acushnet Rubber Company, 1951

Skyline Clothing Corporation Type L-2b, SPEC. MIL-J-7448C, 1957

Jim Day and LtCol Champion F-106 Pilot of 539th FIS, 1959

MA-1 High Altitude Flight Helmet Testing, 1954

USAF Pilot and MA-2 High Altitude Flight Helmet, 1954

Jet Pilot, P Series Helmet and Oxygen Mask, 1950’s

Edwin Hatton, Douglas B-26 Invader Pilot, 1952

Astronaut Virgil “Gus” Grissom, 1959

Major R. L. Stephens, F-102 Project Team

Idaho Air Guard Pilots and T-33