Korean War

Capt. Don Loegering, F-80 Shooting Star Pilot of 80th FBS ‘Headhunters’, Korea


Col. Ralph Sherman Parr, F-80 Pilot of 49th FBW, Korea 1950


36th FS Lt. Col. Jason Crum instructs ROKAF pilots on the F-51, Osan AB, July 1950


F-51 Pilot Major James ‘Jim’ Kirkendall, CO of 40th FS, 35th FG, Korea, 1952


A-26 Crew 2nd Lieutenant Fred Pape and Pilot Captain Milton Royles, K-9, 1953


A-26, ‘Little Sheba’ , Korea, 1953


15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron “Every Man A Tiger”, RF-80 Mug, Korea 1953


45th TRS Pilots complete 100 Missions, RF-51 ‘My Mimi’, 1951


F-86 Sabre Pilot Lieutenant Buzz Aldrin of 16th FS, 51st FW, Korea, 1953


522nd PS, 27th FEG F-84 Pilots with ‘GYPSY from PO’KEEPSIE’, K-9 Korea, 1950-51

f-84 1950xx

F-86 Pilot Captain Lonnie R. Moore of 335th FIS 4th Fighter Wing, Korea, 1953


F-86 Pilot 2nd Lt Philip A. Redpath of 335th FIS 4th Fighter Wing, Korea, 1953

2nd Lt Philip Redpath

35th Fighter Bomber Squadron ‘The Black Panthers’, F-86 Sabre Mug, Korea, 1954

35th FBS

‘Some Guy’ RF-51 Mustang Pilot 2/Lt. Gary Sparks of 45th TRS, Kimpo, Korea, 1953

Gary Sparks45th tfs

F-86 334th FS, 4th FW Pilot, Korea 1953


90th BS, Capt. Bill Sanders & Lt. Ralph Matsen, Kunsan Air Base, Korea, 1952

4bRalph Matsen

36th FBS ‘Flying Fiends’, ‘Mike Flight’, K-13, Suwon, Korea, 1953

11-53_Mike Flight_Nov 53

Colonel Edwin A. Doss, Commander of the 49th Fighter Wing, Kunsan 1953


36th FBS Lt. Fick Henderson Crew Chiefs F. Deganna, Unkn, & C. Fleming, May 1953

05-53_MFH in front of Group Ops_May 5308-53_Figmos_Crew Chiefs Deganna and Fleming_Aug 53

Ground Crew Servicing 336th FIS, 4th FIW F-86, Korea 1952

4th FIW

36th FBS Pilots ‘Uncle’ Flight “Mitch, Charlie, Hairless & T.W.”, K-13 Korea, April 1953

z4-04-53_Mitch-Charlie-Hairless_T.W. in front of Uncle flight quonset_K-13_Apr 53

7th Fighter Bomber Squadron ‘Screamin’ Demons’, F-84 Thunderjet Mug, Korea, 1953


21st Troop Carrier Squadron ‘Bee Liners’ Crew, Korea, 1950

cs cs1

Sabre Pilot Colonel Harrison Reed Thyng, 4th Fighter Wing CO, January 21st 1952