F-94 Starfire R/C Operator J W Keel Jr. of 97th FIS, New Castle Airport, 1955

pilot 97th

A-26 Crew 2nd Lieutenant Fred Pape and Pilot Captain Milton Royles, K-9, 1953


Lt Alan Boughton, 91st Tactical Fighter Squadron, RAF Bentwaters, England, 1955-58


36th FBS Lt. Fick Henderson Crew Chiefs F. Deganna, Unkn, & C. Fleming, May 1953

05-53_MFH in front of Group Ops_May 5308-53_Figmos_Crew Chiefs Deganna and Fleming_Aug 53

1st Lt. Gaylord Treu and Unknown Pilots, Pensecola Florida


F-86 Pilots Lt. Vance Lethold, Capt. Donald Adams & Col. Harold W. Scruggs, July 1950


Sabre Pilot Colonel Harrison Reed Thyng, 4th Fighter Wing CO, January 21st 1952

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Weather Recon Crew, 1950’s

Major Bradford Evans, Guided Missile Lectures, Bahamas, February 1952

Douglas A-26 Invader Pilots and Crew of 731st Bombardment Squadron, Korea, 1950

F-84 Pilot Captain Bill Putnam of 154th FBS Korea, 1951

Capt Chuck Yeager Bell X-1 with ‘Glamorous Glennis’, 1948

F-86 Sabre Pilot Capt. Kenneth D. Critchfield, Korea, October 1951

‘Operation Boomerang’ 1Lt John M. Conroy, 115th FIS, 1955 California ANG, 1955

North American F-86 Pilots, Korea, 1951

Major Van E. Chandler, 51st FW, Korea, 1953

USAF Pilots Korea January 1952