X-15, B52 Crew Fitz Fulton & Capt. Jack Allavie 1961


NASA Convair F-106B “Delta Dart”, Lewis Research Center, Ohio, 1969


John L. Swigert Jr. F-100 Pilot of 118th Fighter Squadron Pilot Connecticut ANG, 1965


Apollo Training, Donald “Deke” Slayton, Jim McDivitt, Dale Jackson, Arizona, 1964


F-86 Sabre Pilot Lieutenant Buzz Aldrin of 16th FS, 51st FW, Korea, 1953


Major Robert M. White, X-15 Test Pilot, Edwards Air Force Base, May 1962


Neil Armstrong Geological Training, Cimarron, New Mexico, June 1964

X-15 Test Pilots Scott Crossfield, Major Robert White and Neil Armstrong, 1961

Apollo Astronaut James Lovell, 12th March 1964

Apollo Astronauts Jim Irwin, Dave Scott and Joe Allen, Taos, New Mexico, March 1971

Capt. Jerry Gentry M2-F2 Test Pilot, Edwards AFB, October 1966

NASA Lockheed F-104B Pilot John McKay, October 17th 1962

Astronauts Geological Training, Cimarron, New Mexico, June 1964

Apollo 14 NASA Astronauts Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell, Arizona, November 1970


NASA Astronaut and Test Pilot Fred Wallace Haise, Jr, April 1966

Major Robert M. White, NASA North American Aviation X-15 56-6671, Edwards AFB

Space Rehearsal: Dr. Irving Streimer Boeing Airplane Co. Research Laboratory, July 1959

Testing Early Astronaut Belt, Boeing Airplane Co. Research Laboratory, May 1960

Ames Bell X-14 Test Pilot’s Fred Drinkwater & Neil Armstrong, February 1964

Astronaut Bob Overmeyer at NASA Lewis Research Center

Astronauts David R. Scott (32nd TFS), Sernan and Chaffee, Training in Iceland, 1965

NASA B-57 Solar Cell Test with Henry Brandhorst, July 1964

NASA Astronauts, Apollo 7 Team Life Support Training, Panama 1968

NASA Research Pilot Milt Thompson with a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Dec 20th 1962