T-33 Shooting Star

German Republic T-33 Shooting Star Pilots, Training, 1960


1st Lt. L.M. Kunze, of the 119th Dispensary, gets a hop in T-33 NDANG, Alaska, 1969


T-33 Pilot Training, Flight Instructor Capt Alan Boughton with 2nd Lt Leeser, 1959


T-33 Pilot Training, Connally AFB, 1960’s

1st Lt Joseph L. N. Violette T-33 Pilot Training

310th Fighter Bomber Squadron T-33 & F-84 Pilots, K-2 Korea, May 23rd 1953

Lockheed T-33 Crew, Pilot Training

Lockheed TF-80C Shooting Star, Test Pilot Tony LeVier, 1948

Unknown T-33 Pilot, Korea 1952

3560th PTS Instructors Lt. J. T. McDaniel & Tom Gutz with Students, Webb AFB, 1960