T-33 Shooting Star

German Republic T-33 Shooting Star Pilots, Training, 1960


1st Lt. L.M. Kunze, of the 119th Dispensary, gets a hop in T-33 NDANG, Alaska, 1969


T-33 Pilot Training, Flight Instructor Capt Alan Boughton with 2nd Lt Leeser, 1959


T-33 Pilot Training, Connally AFB, 1960’s

1st Lt Joseph L. N. Violette T-33 Pilot Training

310th Fighter Bomber Squadron T-33 & F-84 Pilots, K-2 Korea, May 23rd 1953

Lockheed T-33 Crew, Pilot Training

Lockheed TF-80C Shooting Star, Test Pilot Tony LeVier, 1948

Unknown T-33 Pilot, Korea 1952

3560th PTS Instructors Lt. J. T. McDaniel & Tom Gutz with Students, Webb AFB, 1960

Lockheed T-33 Pilot Cadet Steven Abernathy, 1969

Maj. Robert H. Lawrence of 7330th FTW, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1958

Lt General C.M. “Tote” Talbott, CO of 322d Fighter Day Group, 1954

William Randolph Hearst Jr. Visiting Howard Hughes Aircraft Company, May 1952

RT-33 Pilot Major John R. McCombs with A-bomb Test Films, 22nd April 1952

Lt Jack Sallee 181st Fighter Squadron, Texas ANG

Captain Edwin Pipp with Lockheed T-33 Michigan ANG, April 13th 1956

Dutch Pilot Sikko Steen of 3531 PTS, Training at Bryan Air Force Base, 1954-55

Astronaut Bob Overmeyer at NASA Lewis Research Center

USAF Pilot with Unusual Transport!, Germany 1953

2/Lt Richard L. Buesinger Pilot Training Class 61-E, January 1961

Webb Air Force Base Lockheed T-33 Crash, 1958

German Pilot Training, Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1959

Idaho Air Guard Pilots and T-33