RB-47 Crew

WB-47 Weather Recon Pilot

WB-57 Pilots of 58th WRS and General Best, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico

B-29 53rd Weather Recon Squadron Crew

B-57 Pilots of 55th WRS

Lt. Col Alsdrich, Captain Palmer and Captain Hoskins of 57th WRS, Avalon Airfield, 1962

B-57 Pilot’s and Crew of 57th WRS, Avalon Airfield Australia, September 1962

56th WRS WB-50 Capt. Jordan, Capt. Crowder & TSgt. Allen, Yokota Air Base Japan

B-29 ‘Typhoon Goon’ Crew of 514th Recon Sqdn, December 1950

The 59th WRS Hurricane Hunters in front of a WB-50

53rd Weather Recon WB-50 Crew, December 1952

‘Hurricane Hunter’ Capt Robert Bailey and Crew, RB-47, August 1964

WB-50 Pilot Major Victor H. Whittier & Major Douglas Williams, Observer, 55th WRS

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Weather Recon Crew, 1950’s

F-104B Starfighter Pilots of a Weather Recon Squadron, 1960’s

B-29 Crew of 55th Weather Recon Squadron, 7th October 1946

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine August 30, 1964 : Hurricane Hunter